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Hypnotic Sales Training

The force that drives all sales is DESIRE. Master Closing is the art of directing and intensifying desire. Expanding, sharpening, and magnifying desire. Building desire to the extreme pitch of overcoming skepticism, lethargy, fear, and price.

Desire that exists in the mind of the prospect is only a vague emotion without compulsion or direction. Hazy blurs that have not been crystallized into words of images. This desire has only a fraction of its true sales potential.

The Master Closer transforms these vague emotions into concrete desires. Becoming a script writer to the prospects dreams. Chronicling the prospects new improved future. Demonstrating in minute detail how the product will make tomorrow a new and brighter day.

A Master Close transports the prospects unformulated desire into a vivid scene of fulfillment. Constantly adding the appeal of satisfaction to drive that desire. The Closer draws attention to everything the prospect is getting - everything the prospect is leaving behind - and everything the prospect may be missing.

The Master Closer seamlessly evolves desire into EMOTIONAL WANT. Projecting the prospect into the wonderful new world the product offers so realistically that he lives it. ONLY THEN IS THE PRODUCT OFFERED.

It sounds so simple, yet so many fail. Only one in five sales people are true Master Closers.

Perhaps you’re satisfied with your sales staff efficiency. But if you’re like most executives I’ve met you’re continually looking for new and better ways to improve sales production.


Just suppose... that a sales close existed that could be learned and mastered by even the poorest sales performer. A close so soft it could not be recognized as a sales strategy. A close so subtle it forces the prospect to believe the buying decision is his idea. A close that cuts sales time in half. A close that is not misleading or unethical. Most importantly, a close that cannot be rejected, resisted, or stalled.

Would you be interested in hearing more about this absolute cure-all sales close? Or would you simply reject the possibility that such close exists like we once rejected the possibility of man walking on the moon?


“The Wall Street Journal” ran a front page story about this amazing selling technology and millions in sales its master closers have generated.

A new breed of salespeople are significantly out producing all their predecessors. Selling more, in less time, with less effort. The Ultimate Sales Close virtually eliminates resistance and objections. Making even marginal performers top producers.

What is the Ultimate Sales Close? What is the secret of its proven effectiveness? Why are Fortune 500 companies spending millions to teach it to top level executives? Can it really increase closing percentages by 20% regardless of product, service, or salesperson? Hope, hype, magic or a new and better way?

· Learn techniques of Hypnotic Fascination to get riveted attention.

· Be able to establish Instant Rapport to guarantee sincere interest of
  your prospect.

· Give powerful Hypnotic Suggestions that build a strong desire for your

· Know how to Hypnotically Deepen your prospect to assure a close.

· Use Post-Hypnotic Suggestion to move your prospect to action.

· The Hypnotic Sales Training Course Fee is $195 per person (20 person


The World's Greatest Hypnotist


For more information, call Dr. Dave Hill, DCH now at (510) 785-8152 or click here. To book a Comedy Hypnosis Show now click here.

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